Sometimes when we are trying to help our kids through chronic struggles, we flat run out of ideas. My son deals with a lot of fear when it comes to some common things in life. Jamie and I work and work toward helping him through those fears, but sometimes we lose hope that he will ever be able to understand these things are perfectly safe. But we keep trying.

I’ve been doing cold water therapy for about nine months now. A cold shower every morning, and an occasional ice bath in the evening. People ask me why I do it. I usually rattle off all the health benefits (there are several) and the fact that it’s better than a strong shot of coffee in the morning. What I don’t usually tell them is the honest truth –  the fact that I’m doing everything I can do to fight off creeping depression from the weight of life.

Because of the mind and body jolt you get from cold water therapy, and the fact that we’re at a loss on how to help our son with fear and anxiety, I decided to try cold water with him. If it helps me snap out of a funk, maybe it well get his attention. Who knows, maybe he’ll experience a breakthrough. When you’re out of options, you’ll try anything.

Disclaimers abound!

  • This is NOT a way to get Max to deal with fear of water. He’s not scared of water or the bath.
  • This was done solely to show him that he has the power to overcome uncomfortable situations and build his confidence in difficult things.
  • He is fully aware he is autistic. We talk about it often
  • I told him I was thinking of posting this video to the internet. I told him lots of people would see it and asked if he is OK with that. He gave me permission.